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A great outfit is incomplete without anoutstanding belt. Give panache to your formal and casual looks with theseleather belts for men. Belt is not just a fashion accessory but a wardrobeessential too. Functionality and fashion are two major necessities a belt fulfills.

A dull monotonous belt is a bygone now,which is replaced by chic and elegant leather and non-leather belts. Updateyour closet with these fashion forward belts and flaunt your trendy avatar.Give a peck of elegance to your formal attire with leather formal belts. Blackand brown leather belts is a good fashion investment as they never fad out withchanging fashion trends.

Not only formal these belts oomph yourcasual attire too. Add a zing to your casual denim and tee look, chinos andshirt. Bring on the punk in you with canvas and cloth belts. Add a surprisefactor to your dull and muted colored outfit with the beige canvas belt. Clothbelt looks cool with sporty attire. Select from the most versatile range ofbrands such as Scharf, MUST, Pelle, 47MPLE and Port. Available in the pricerange starting from Rs. 215/.

Offering belts in varied sizes from narrowto medium and broad. Choose your pick according to your body shape and outfit.Size of buckle is of utmost importance while selecting a belt. Square,rectangle and oval shaped buckles are in vogue and compliments almost everyone.

Belt is a classic accessory used to hold thetrousers in place. But nothing can remain untouched by the magic of fashion. Sotoday’s belt are more than just a necessary strip, it makes a major fashiontrend.