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Formal dressing cannot be complete withouta necktie. Necktie is the most essential fashion accessory for a man. A nicetie elevates the level of formal dressing and boosts the confidence. Wearingtie depicts formality and respect towards institution and people present in themeeting. Tie has become an integral part of power dressing.

Generally men’s formals are in dull ormuted hues where tie is the centre of attention. Hence ties for men are also aninstrument of expressing their personality. For a classic look opt for a tie insolid color or in polka dots. Look every bit formal with ties in stripes whilegive sheen to your office wear with a silk tie. Dispense the freshness ofnature by floral print tie. Add zing to your trousers and shirt look with quirkyprinted ties in attractive dolphin, Eiffel tower, elephant and moustacheprints. Buy these neck ties online from the house of Scharf, meSleep and Jorssavailable in the price starting from Rs. 365/-.

Ties make a great gift for men. Gift yourvalentine a gleaming silk tie and be sure to receive his heartfelt smile asyour return gift. Enhance the confidence of your brother through striped andcheckered ties for his interview. Make your husband’s cocktail party morespecial by gifting him a satin neck tie.     

A tie does not only complete the formal look butmakes one look classy and sophisticated. So equip your accessory trunk withthese elegant, cool and trendy ties for a power pact dressing.