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Dress Materials – Stitch Your Fashion Desires


The use of dress materials has been linked to numerous cultures around the world. Did you know, when fabrics like cotton, silk and linen came into existence in 5000 BC, they were traded in exchange for silver in India, Egypt and China? Dress materials have been a favourite with the Indian women for the reason that it gives them the liberty to weave their fashion fantasies the way they please. Ever since dress materials online shopping became a vogue, women can now look for something that matches our personality, occasion and climate.


Prints to print an impression on your mind

Dress materials for women are available in several stunning prints.


•             Bold,lively prints will keep you looking youthful and refreshing while staying trendy.

•             Gingham and animal prints have been embraced by designers worldwide and have taken the form of classic prints. Try them in colors like black, white and grey.

•             If you something more vibrant and distinct, nothing beats florals.

•             Craving some drama? Graphic prints are eye catching and look stylish – great for women looking for a look with volume.


Stitch to customize

Women love everything customized – that’s why buying dress materials and stitching it into a unique pattern for your one-of-a-kind body is the way to go. From the type of sleeves, necklines and hemlines and more, you can make your clothes truly yours.


•             Instead of regular round, square, high or decolletage neckline, how about trying a boat, Peter Pan, halter, jewel, spaghetti or a keyhole style?

•             Apart from long, half, three-fourth or sleeveless ones, you could experiment with cap, puff, bishop, bell, roll up or dolman types of sleeve patterns.

•             When it comes to choosing a hemline, you can go for a tulip, apple, tail, trail,asymmetric or a simple v-cut.


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