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Portable offices, work from home, constantoffsite client meetings and flexi-work hours all this has contributed todecline in PC sales and have given rise to a demand in more portable computingdevices are the laptops. Similar to a desktop they include everything,processor, RAM, hard disk keyboard, mouse (trackpad), etc.

Portable: -

Portability is the main USP of laptops asthey are light weight and small in size as compared to a PC. Since laptops comein various sizes, functions and features, it is essential to consider a fewthings before making a purchase. These laptop are portable to be transportedanywhere but at the same time are easily able to handle the rigors everever-increasing demand for the people who are constantly on the move.

Variety: -

Since there are many use cases of laptops,companies try to make more than one model, with different configurations fordifferent needs rather than making one size fits all. The requirement of agamer is completely different than that of office person. A gamer will requireall the latest and greatest hardware to run the latest games, while an officegoer will require something more portable so that he can carry it quickly fromhis desk to the meeting without having to deal with a lot of weight but alsothat is sufficient enough for presentations and some number crunching in excel.

Expandability: -

Aside from the usual bells and whistles,these laptops also come with the usual array of ports like USB, HDMI, LAN,Video, memory card slot for further expanding the functionality like connectingan external hard disk, or DVD burner, or even connecting to an HDMI enabled TV.

Purchasing laptop online: -

The tedious task shopping for laptops can bemade easy buy purchasing online on the sites like Hi2Buy. You can find laptopslike that Apple MacBook Air or ASUS X Series. You can check out the prices ofvarious Apple and ASUS model as well as their configuration and select the bestone you like.