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Keyboards have made it simple and convenient to operate the laptops, desktops and tablets. Now control the computing world with the help of your fingertips. They are equipped with high end technology to deliver the utmost comfort while computing.

Buy computer keyboards online from iBall, Gecko and SVB. These keyboards are fashioned in an elegant manner to boost the aesthetics. The spill proof design of iBall Achiever A9 USB Keyboard refrain the liquid to intervene in the keyboard so that you can sip your tea or coffee while computing. This keyboard features multimedia and internet hot key for an added ease. Big Enter and Space bar key makes it easy to locate them and enhance the typing speed.

iBall Lilkey A6 Keyboard is boon for Windows and Mac users. It is equipped with special chocolate key tops and renders a soft touch feel while typing. Its compact and space saving design makes it ideal to accommodate in a small space. The flat key architecture lets you experience the joy of silent, stable and comfortable writing. Protected by sealed membrane shield this keyboard is highly reliable.       

Gecko keyboard is a quite essential for iPad users. It is impeccable for day to day use and simplifies the process of typing and surfing. This wireless keyboard features Bluetooth connectivity and comes with a charging cable. The SVB slim USB keyboard is sleek and comes with easy to comprehend keys while Havit keyboard is made to make the typing more fun.     

Choose from the wide range of products and prices start from Rs. 399/-. The elegantly designed keyboards are fashioned in robust body. Their water resistant feature makes them durable and sturdy. These keyboards come with USB interface, which enables them to support various platforms. Now operate your tablets, laptops and desktops with optimum ease and convenience.