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Buy computer and laptop mouse online to relish the experience of effortless surfing and computing. They are made to provide the optimal comfort and ease and are crafted with ultra modern technology.


Select from a wide array of brands namely iBall, Zebronics, Quantum, Dell, Prodot and Terabyte starting from Rs. 149/-.Buy laptop wireless mouse from the house of iBall and branded super slim.


They are strategically designed in ergonomic shape to deliver an impeccable grip with comfort. The ergonomic shape barely requires wrist movement and scrolls conveniently. It reduces the fatigue and uplifts the comfort level of users.

These mice are equipped with ultra modern technology, which makes it an integral part of your computing. The Terabyte 3D optical mouse is loaded with latest optical technology which gives it optimum flexibility. You can use this mouse without a mouse pad. It uses texture to detect the motion. While the blue eye opti technology of iBall Opti Smart mouse allows precise cursor control on virtually every surface. It supports broad range of non-standard surfaces as glossy, polished desk, Granite counter,Ceramic tile, metal, lacquered tabletops, glass and more.

The optical tracking system is efficient and delivers an amazing performance. It exhibits a swift pace of tracking and reduces the struggle of spotting the cursor on screen. The optical tracking system uses LED light and does not have any moving part thus less wear and lower chance of failure.     

They feature a superior navigation technology to make surfing more fun. The navigation sensors inside the mouse ensure a smooth gliding and scrolling so just point and click the tabs on website you are on.Make your computing and surfing relishing with these ultra modern mice.