Pen drive

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Pen drives are the most sought afterproducts in this digital age. It provides mobility, storage and relocation ofyour important files and folders hassle free. Buy these pen drives online andbid good bye to the data storage troubles. It takes time and effort to build animpressive collection of music and videos. Store and carry your preciouscompilation with optimum ease.

Buy pen drives online in India available indifferent storage capacity to cater to specific storage requirements. Pendrives of 8GB, 16GB and 32GB are perfect for small to medium bunch of data,while 64GB and 128GB pen drives furnishes a massive storage capacity.  

This small yet vital gadget is loaded withlatest technology and equipped with remarkable read, write and transfer speed.Whether you operate a Window or a Mac, their USB ports make them compatiblewith both the operating systems. Due to its ultra modern technology data getstransfer at lightning fast speed. 

Designed creatively and quirky, these pendrives look stylish. Buy Sandisk pen drive if black is your colour. HP pendrives are crafted elegantly in sleek design with metallic body for an addedzing. The HP pen drives comes with a loop to use it like a key chain andprotect it from being misplaced or lost. Surprise yourself with fancy pendrives from Urban Bazar created in trendy styles of Spiderman, sporty Adidas T-style, grenade, bricks game and the funkiest of all is an android shape pendrive.

Buy pen drives online in India from thehouse of Sandisk, HP, Urban Bazar, Sony and AXL Hybrid, available in a veryversatile price range starts from Rs. 272/-.

Pen drives are the most convenient carriersto carry, store or transfer your important data. Just plug and play them tomake data transfer simple and easy.