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Cables are the unsung hero of the tech world; you don’t notice them until they stop working. Until the world becomes totally wireless, cables are going to be an essential part of any gadget, be it phone, camera, laptop, TV or even your car audio system. They serve various purpose like charging, data syncing, transferring audio/video output, or simply extending the reach of another cable.


Types of Cables: -

The types of cables available today are USB, HDMI, VGA, AUX, Network and A/V. While USB charging cables, like USB to USB or Micro USB widely used for most of the functions like charging or data transfer between PC and phone, some special functions require the special type of cables. 

Example: -

HDMI: - In order to send and Audio Video out to a projector, an HDMI cable is used.

AUX: - For transferring the sound output of your phone to car audio system, an AUX cable is used.

OTG Cable: - This cable is used to connected external storage devices like pen drive or external HDD to a mobile phone or a tablet which mostly have a limited storage space to keep the size and price in check.

Display Port to VGA: - Sometimes it may happen that your output device may not be compatible with your input device due to difference in ports, which mostly occur when your phone or tab has a display port and your projector has a VGA port. At such time this cable comes in handy to convert one form of data transfer to other.

Extension Cable: - Sometimes the normal length USB cables fall short of reaching the intended device. At such USB extension cable comes in handy which can increase the length of your normal USB cable so that no device is ever out of reach


Buy USB Cable Online: -

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