Memory Cards

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Admit it, first thing you do when you buy anew device like a phone or a tablet you immediately buy a memory card. Because we always strive to have more in our hands, more RAM, more processing power,more screen estate, so why keep memory behind.

More storage: -

With 4K videos and even the mobile games going to as big as 4 GB the available inbuilt phone memory starts to decline at a rapid rate. Companies like SanDisk and Samsung provide their own brands of memory cards specially designed for smartphones. While SanDisk has the Extreme and Ultra Series, Samsung has Evo series in the MicroSDHC memory card category,which come in sizes like 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. You can easily select the one that suits your memory and price requirement. Before buying please not that not all phone support memory cards up to 64GB, check your phone’s specifications for more details.

Class: -

There is something called as a Class of memory card, higher the class the better the performance will be of the memory card, but so will be its price. The highest class available today is class 10.You can check this out when you buy a memory card. It’s usually printed on the SD Card itself, its denoted by a number and a circle around it. If you are buying online, many times it written in the title itself, for example, SanDisk 16GB class 10 memory card or SanDisk 16GB memory card class 10. The performance of the card is measure by how much Mbps data it can read and write. Higher the class the more data it can do to and fro. If you are planning to store apps and HD movies it is recommended that you buy a minimum class 8 memory card.

Plug n Play: -

These memory cards are ready to be used as soon as you take them out of their packing. They are preformatted to work with all kinds of devices that support memory cards. Just put them in the dedicated memory card slot and they are ready to be used at your command.