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No matter how awesome dress or suite youpurchase something always seems missing unless you accessorize with it.Similarly, it is also applicable for your phone. No matter which phone you buy,accessories are always going to add that extra zing and make your phone standout from the crowd.

Selfie Flash Light: -

2015 can be easily be said to the year ofselfies, no matter where you go, restaurant, pool, hill station even commutingon railways, you will encounter at least 1-2 person taking selfies. With theintroduction of front facing cameras and social networks like Instagram thetrend of selfies have caught on like a wild fire. But the main issue with mostof the front facing cameras out there is that they don’t have a flash there, soif you are in a dimly lit environment like a pub or theatre chances are yourselfies are going to be either dark or blurry, the option is to use the backcamera, but then you won’t be able to frame composition and usually someonegets chopped off. The solution? Selfie Flash Light, this selfie light gadgetcomprising of 4 LED bulbs is a perfect accessory for selfie obsessed person whodoesn’t want to compromise on taking a selfie when its dark.

Mobile FM Transmitter: -

Travelling in a car with family and friends andyou are in the front seat? So by default you are the DJ. You have the hugeresponsibility of entertaining the guests sitting on the back seats. But youare prepared, you have awesome playlist ready just for the situations likethese, but the AUX input is not working? Fear not almost all of the car deckshave FM receivers in them. You can simply plug in this FM Transmitter to yourphone and you can start your very own portable FM station. What’s more is thatif someone wants use their own headphone, they can simply use the FM in theirphone and tune in to your set frequency and can sit back and enjoy the soundthey love. You will be a best ever car DJ in your friend circle.