Screen Guards & Protectors

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Mobile screen is the most essential part ofthe phone, especially with the introduction of touch screens. It’s the only wayyou can interact with your phone and know what is going on and take an actionaccordingly. Hence protecting it becomes the utmost priority, but fear not youcan easily buy a screen guard or scratch guard online and be worry free.

Heavy Duty: -

These high quality tempered glass screenprotectors are designed to withstand the rigors of day to day life withoutaffecting the original touch and feel of your phone’s screen. Offering a longlasting protection for your screen, these scratch guards not only offerprotection against scratches they also offer protection from accidental dropsas they take most of the damage to themselves.

Cost effective: -

Over the period of time these screen guardsbecome damaged in order to protect your precious screen. You can simply takeaway the damaged one and replace it with another one. This is the most costeffective way, as these scratch guards are just a fraction of a cost of yourphone screen. Replacing an entire phone screen can go to minimum of 3-4thousand for a basic model.

Tailored and Feature rich: -

Along with being the best choice of yourscreen protection needs some of these screen protectors also come with a widefeature set such as Anti-UV, Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Glare and Oleo phobiccoating for better protection against smudges. Each and every screen protectoris tailored made to suit your device so that it fits perfectly without blockingthe speaker, front facing camera, or any other sensor, thus being almost invisibleand yet doing their job perfectly.

Buying Tempered Glass Screen ProtectorOnline: -

Bought a new iPhone 6 and are looking for buyinga tempered glass screen protector? You can come online on Hi2Buy.com and easilymake your choice. Not just for iPhone 6 you can also buy a tempered glassscreen protector for other models like iPhone 5s, Samsung A7 or Yu Yuphoria.You can check out their prices and features and can select the ones that bestsuits your phone.