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In today’s world owning just a phone is not enough, when you have an option to do what you do on your phone but on a larger and better screen, then why not use it? Tablets with larger battery life, HD screens and even the calling functionality are taking all over the world. Such is their impact that they have severely affected the PC shipments.

Large Battery:  -

With tablets in your hands you get the option to have a large battery which can make your device go for a longer period of time. Edit documents, sit back, relax and watch your favourite movie or make a skype call all without having to worry about your battery running out sooner.

Bigger display: -

Bigger is better, certainly fits for tablets, with larger screen and options like Full HD display or retina display,everything looks bigger, clearer and sharp. You can take full advantage of available screen space to do everything you do on your phone in a grand scale.With a recent surge of low price Windows 10 tablets that can support even the Win32 software along with other apps, it has become like a mini computer thatis versatile enough to be an entertainment device as well as a productivity device.

Front facing camera: -

Almost all of the tablets today come with two cameras. One on the back side for a regular snapping and one on the front especially for Skype or other conference calls. You can simply put your tablet on a stand or buy tablet covers that can act as a stand and you are ready tohold a video conference meeting with your client, all from the comfort of your home.

Accessories: -

These tablets are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and OTG enabled, so you can easily connect devices such as Bluetooth mouse and keyboards or even a wired mouse and keyboard using the OTG function to convert your entertainment device, into a productivity device with a blink of an eye.With the supported OTG function, you can even attach external hard disk up to 500GB so that you never run out of space.

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